Dear Members, Parents and Friends,

We wish to assure you all that we are constantly monitoring this situation, and that we will take all appropriate measures necessary to protect our Members, our Instructors, and the local community. The Health and Safety of ALL is our primary concern. You can keep yourself updated here:

Our training sessions are OPERATING, but with modifications. Sessions will focus on guided fitness and technical sessions. Sparring, grappling and close quarter training will NOT be included for the foreseeable future.

Provided that you are feeling FIT AND WELL, we would hope to see you continuing to attend training nights and sessions with us. Staying fit and healthy is more important than ever at this time! Please see this report by UK Active:

If you are feeling 'UNDER THE WEATHER', even if you are simply suffering with a COMMON COLD, or even an UPSET STOMACH, etc., we ask that you DO NOT come to class and risk passing something on to other members. Everyone needs to try to keep their body's natural immune system functioning at the highest possible level - especially right now.

One major thing that has become apparent is, that by washing our hands properly, and regularly, we can help to reduce and slow down the spread of Coronavirus, dramatically! With that being the case, please see this link, produced by Nuffield Health, on how to wash your hands correctly:

And so, we ask that you make sure to wash your hands in the manner prescribed on ENTERING and LEAVING the Training Hall. Avoid touching your (or other people's face) with your hands, or your gloves. Also, try to obtain a small bottle of Antibacterial Hand Gel, and/or Antibacterial Wipes, to bring along to class with you in your training bag. Bring your own equipment gloves, bag mitts, etc). Do NOT share Gloves, Water bottles, towels, etc.

Follow Government advice on self-isolation. Key indicators are :
a. A new continuous cough and/or
b. High temperature (of 37.8 degrees centigrade or higher)
It’s very important that you DO NOT leave your home or ATTEND OUR CLASSES if you are self-isolating.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this unprecedented period.