Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts celebrated its 30th year in July 2019.

As an end of year celebration, around 30 members and friends met up for a meal at an excellent Chinese Bar & Restaurant, in Cambridge, on Wednesday 18th December. It was good to see so many at such a busy time of year. Thanks to everyone who came along!

Stuart McIntyre is a long-time member of Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts and Savate Cambridge. He has competed in World and European Championships in Canne de Combat.

Over the last year or two, he has been working on his portfolio for Moniteur level instructor. 

The Cambridge Big Weekend took place on Saturday 14th July, on Parker's Piece. The Academy was invited to participate, and put on two demos, in the Combat Marquee.

The day was baking hot, but between times, senior instructor Ollie Batts and CAMA members talked with members of the general public, handed out fliers, and helped people to try hitting some pads, work with the sticks, and more.

Following on from the Training Seminar with Smael Mayouf (on the Saturday), on Sunday 22nd there is an opportunity to come and take part in our friendly Savate Assaut competition, also in Cambridge. The event is open to savateurs from any club and other martial arts and combat sports athletes who are interested in fighting under Savate Assaut rules. Several weight categories for men, women and kids. 

The incredible Maul Mornie returns to Cambridge Academy on 24th April 2016. Maul Mornie is a Silat Master from Seria, a small town in Brunei, but he now runs seminars all around the world. His YouTube channel, Maul565, now over twenty thousand subscribers, and millions of upload views.


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